5 tricks to keep away from frizzy hair in winter

In case you typically end up reaching out for that woollen cap or scarf to cover the winter frizz in your hair, you would possibly wish to cease! Whilst you might really feel frizzy hair occurs in humid climate, the tough winter winds, lack of moisture and, absolutely anything, can go away you together with your hair far and wide. And taming this frizz isn’t any cakewalk! Allow us to inform you some efficient tricks to keep away from frizzy hair in winter.

Why does hair get frizzy in winter?

Frizzy hair occurs in humid climate, however chilly and dry climate are equally conducive for hair to frizz. Dr Suruchi Puri, dermatologist, explains that that is due to the dearth of moisture within the air. “In dry atmosphere, there may be much less water within the air. Electrostatic repulsion occurs between the hair fibers. And if there may be further friction, this results in the looks of frizz.” So, the extended use of caps, hats, jacket hoods, that additionally trigger extra friction and these really improve the frizz!

In addition to this, there are numerous hair remedies akin to bleaching, perming, and different stress-free remedies that may additionally trigger frizz in hair. “The hair turns into weak, brittle and the cuticles get broken and there are extra possibilities of frizzing,” says Dr Puri.

Does frizzy hair imply unhealthy hair?

Frizz in hair doesn’t imply that your hair is unhealthy and must be handled. Dr Puri says that frizzy hair doesn’t in any approach point out the well being of the hair, and it could occur to any sort of hair. “Frizzy hair doesn’t at all times imply that the hair is unhealthy. Frizz can occur in wholesome hair as properly due to rubbing, friction or moisture loss, or when the climate is extraordinarily dry or extraordinarily humid,” explains Dr Suruchi Puri.

Frizzy Hair
Coating your hair with a layer of oil is a good way to retain the moisture.

5 tricks to keep away from frizzy hair in winter

Whereas it could appear unattainable to regulate the frizz, there are literally some ways that may stop your hair from getting frizzy. Other than dwelling treatments to tame frizzy hair, strive these to repair the issue from the foundation!

1. Common haircut:

Getting these split-ends out is at all times a win-win state of affairs. Fairly often these split-ends up on the higher portion of the hair as properly, inflicting frizz.Coating your hair: Coating your hair with oil is a good way to repel water. Coconut, olive oil and almond oil are a number of the greatest choices that one can use to eliminate frizz. Coconut oil has a smaller molecular dimension and goes into the hair and prevents protein moisture loss.

2. Utilizing conditioners, hair merchandise wealthy in silicon and cationic polymers

These cationic polymers create a optimistic cost, and minimise frizz. These are current in sure hair serums too. So, after we are coating the hair with these serums or utilizing a leave-on conditioner which comprises these cationic polymers, you might be decreasing the frizz.

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3. Have a weight-reduction plan wealthy in protein, omega 3 fatty acids

Protein and omega-3 fatty acids assist in nourishing your hair follicles. If you’re non-vegetarian, fatty fish like salmon is an efficient possibility. Biotin and vitamin D and E dietary supplements are additionally an awesome possibility if you’re unable to get these nutritional vitamins by means of your weight-reduction plan. Biotin is understood to scale back frizz in hair in addition to repairing broken hair, whereas vitamin D and E assist more healthy hair progress.

4. Utilizing lukewarm water and a microfibre towel

Highly regarded water opens up the hair cuticles and makes hair frizzy. Scorching water additionally strips the hair of moisture and dries them out. This will additionally result in hair breakage. As a substitute, go for lukewarm water. Ending off with a cold-water rinse additionally helps. Not solely do microfibre towels assist in drying out the hair sooner, these are literally nice for decreasing the frizz and assist in preserving the hydration within the hair.

5. Use pure hair masks and leave-on serums and shampoos with glycerine or hydrating brokers

These appeal to moisture and assist in hydrating the hair higher. This additionally helps in restoring hair’s pure moisture. There are many hair packs that may be made utilizing curd, eggs and apple cider vinegar which can actually assist moisture-deprived hair. These are wealthy in nutritional vitamins A and E which is a superb remedy for dry hair.

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